Friday, March 8, 2013

Ivo Karlovic Is Great At Tennis, Better At Twitter

I have a confession, friends.  I'm slightly obsessed with Ivo Karlovic.  The 34-year-old Croatian tennis sensation just defeated American up-and-comer Jack Sock, 3-6, 7-6, 6-2, to advance to a second round matchup with Sam Querrey.

But the come-from-behind victory has very little to do with my new obsession with Karlovic.  His world record for fastest serve?  Impressive, but not all that interesting to me.  

I'm on Team Karlovic for his sense of humor on Twitter, which I discovered while researching him after taking in his match with Sock from courtside.  

Leave the rackets and tennis balls aside, Ivo Karlovic is my new favorite tennis player for his personality. 

There is so much to learn about it him from his presence on social media:

He enjoys the Sesame Street R&B album:

And his daughter has complete control over the television at home, apparently.

He knows his way around the kitchen:

But he can't do too much at once or his brain will explode.

He prefers versatile socks:

Don't you dare try to tell him which is left and which is right.

He will wish awful things upon you if you disrupt him on an airplane.

Yeah, he went there.

He likes... books?

Yeah, books.  Right.

He produces music videos with his mind:

You could be the star of his latest production and never even know it.

Don't beep at him while he's listening to music and using telepathy in his car:

You'll get outlasted when the middle fingers come out.

He's innovative:

It's brilliant!  Someone get the Ivo Karlovic Electric Soup Blower in production right away!

He believes Snoop Dogg is full of it:

He, somehow, some way, keeps coming up with funky [expletive] like every single day.

Do yourself a favor and follow Ivo on Twitter.  He won't disappoint you, I promise.