Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What To Do During The Rain Delay

We're currently under a rain delay here in Flushing Meadows, leaving thousands of anxious tennis fans stranded throughout the Billie Jean King Tennis Center with nothing to do. But fret not, my US Open friends. There are still plenty of activities available to pass the time until play gets underway again. Here are five:

Wine Down Wednesday!
1.) Drink champagne.

Because it's 1:30 p.m. on a Wednesday and you're at the U.S. Open.

Bottoms up.

I don't think the keychain is supposed to go on your ear, sir.
2.) Buy a Mercedes.

The 7 train back to the city can be crowded at times and your nose hairs don't deserve the insufferable smells that often permeate from some of the subway's passengers. Is that urine? I think it's urine.

So why not leave Flushing Meadows in style behind the wheel of a brand new Mercedes? Yeah, it's an impulse purchase, an expensive one at that, but it can be yours for the cost of four of those 2013 U.S. Open fleece jackets you were about to buy.

I see you checking The Outer Courts on your mobile device.
3.) Stand with these people outside the indoor training facility.

Everybody's doing it. Look at how much fun they're having.

I want a bag with puppies on it.
4.) Visit the Time Warner Experience.

Time Warner Cable's new customer and fan lounge outside the East Gate of the Billie Jean King Tennis Center has everything one would need to follow the tournament; from interactive maps to live audio and handheld controllers featuring action from six different courses.

Just don't ask to watch Dexter or Ray Donovan. The Showtime breakup is still a touchy subject.

Got enough tennis balls?
5. Shop in the US Open Collection Store.

Unless, of course, you bought the Mercedes.