Thursday, January 23, 2014


A 16-hour time difference won't keep tennis fans in America from tuning in to tonight's semifinal between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, scheduled to air around 3:30 am ET in the States. The sports' rivalry of the decade, thought to be a distant memory, is back in the first Grand Slam of 2014 when we thought we had seen its last chapter at this magnitude.

Federer is playing Federer-like tennis again (close enough) after his fall from grace in 2013, while Nadal is the World No. 1 and top seed in the Australian Open, the tournament he missed one year ago with a severe knee injury. Both are battling injuries -- Federer has old man feet; half of Nadal's hand is missing -- but both know the importance of tonight's match and long to be the one holding the ink pen when this chapter of history is written.

Nadal holds the lead in the head-to-head series, 22-10, and hasn't lost one since 2012, five matches ago. But Federer, five years older and fighting to stay relevant, is out to prove he still belongs in the conversation in 2014.

It's going down, folks.  Get your evening naps in now.