Monday, August 25, 2014

Bee Disrupts Day 1 At The Open

An unwanted guest swarmed into Arthur Ashe Stadium during the second match of the day, a first round meeting of 19th-seeded Venus Williams and Kimiko Date-Krumm of Japan. The intruder, a bee with a strong liking to Date-Krumm, caused a delay in the action in the match's third set. Date-Krumm was attempting to serve but the flying insect would not give her space.

After well over a minute of ducking and dodging its flight path, the ball kids came out and defused the situation by waving towels. It looks like a ball girl makes the catch with a two-handed technique:

Unfortunately for Date-Krumm, her time at the 2014 US Open didn't last much longer than the bee's as she lost to Venus in the opening round. (There's a fly trap joke in there somewhere.)

And so you know, it took everything I had to avoid a terrible bee pun in the title.