Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Outer Courts is back for the 2014 US Open

Good news, tennis fans! The Outer Courts, everyone's favorite tennis blog, is back on site in New York City for the US Open in 2014. The good people at Tennis Channel invited us up to the concrete jungle for a second year of Open coverage and we happily accepted the invitation because we get to stay at the Waldorf Astoria for two weeks while doing what we do best: blogging about tennis and taking the dirtiest trains to obscure and potentially dangerous locations for dinner. It's what we were born to do.

This year we're fresh and ambitious after a very slow and quiet season for The Outer Courts. We kicked off the year with coverage of the Australian Open (from Kentucky), but have been away from the game ever since. Don't worry, though; the rust will wear right off once the action gets rolling Monday afternoon. I expect we'll be hitting our stride faster than you can say 'Agnieszka Radwanska.' 

Speaking of Ms. Radwanska, she gets things rolling in Louis Armstrong in the first match of the day on the second biggest stage. Morning radio obligations will likely keep us from catching that one, but I've got eyes on a front row seat for Andy Murray vs. Robin Haase when Radwanska/Sharon Fichman is finished. I think that's where my 2014 Open will begin, while Matt plans to bounce around the courts waiting for that Blaz Kavcic/Donald Young showdown. He has that one circled on his draw, for some reason. 

Our other Day 1 scheduled activities include:

-- Pray we have a seat in the media room this year

-- Find a seat near an outlet in the cafeteria when we don't have a seat in the media room

-- Look for Ivo Karlovic

-- Spend an absurd amount of money on US Open merchandise we'll rarely wear

-- Selfies at the opening ceremony

So check back early Monday afternoon for the finest US Open coverage you'll find on the internet. I can assure you you will get two weeks of tennis perspective and analysis unlike anywhere else. Will we have an in-depth breakdown of Jana Cepelova vs. Maria-Teresa Torro-Flor? Of course not. But if Donald Young throws a racket or Maria Sharapova misses a grunt, we'll be there.

Talk to you tomorrow.