Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So it's pretty warm in Melbourne right now

Victoria Azarenka and Roger Federer survived Tuesday's sweltering temperatures in Melbourne and escaped their first-round matches in straight sets, but not everyone at the 2014 Australian Open has been so lucky.

Over on Court 8, Peng Shuai needed a quick vomit before recovering to take the second set against Kurumi Nara: 

Minutes later, Canadian Frank Dancevik fainted courtside while trailing Benoit Paire on Court 6:

Ball kids are collapsing and water bottles are melting to the surface as play continues in 107 degree heat. Players are relying on ice packs and ice towels to carry on, and the extreme heat rule effect is now in place, enforcing a 10-minute break.

Meanwhile, back in Kentucky, I just cracked another Red Bull as I try to stay awake for the remainder of today's matches. I guess I can't really complain about being tired when I'm sitting on my couch, with air conditioning, watching the action on television.