Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New elevator ride, new connection, new winner on the way?

I piled into a crowded elevator this morning and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't stop for new passengers on the way up to the top floor. It did. And in stepped John Isner, on his way to a pregame snack before his match against Richard Gasquet.

The two of us were very close in the crammed elevator, closer than I generally like to be with another man. It didn't help that the elderly women in there with us were pushing me closer to him so they could badger him about his height.

"Oh my, you're tall," one woman said.

Yeah, lady, he is. Now stop body-checking me into him.

When the doors finally opened to let Isner off on the super-secret floor for players and coaches, I pulled my mouth away from John's chest where it had been awkwardly resting thanks to the over-populated elevator -- on second thought, why were we facing each other? -- and I hit him with my signature "Good luck!" as he walked away.

It was like last night's magical elevator ride with Sloane Stephens all over again, the one that willed her to victory, only slightly more uncomfortable and not as special. But the connection, though incredibly awkward, was still there.

So does that mean Isner will win today?

We'll find out soon in the second match of the day on the Grandstand court. If he does, I'll be calling my bookie after every magical elevator ride for the rest of the week.